Physical Guard

Guards of your choice:

a) Static Guards: Armed / unarmed professional guards are provided as per the demand / threat assessment of client / target.

b) Response Mechanism: Detection, delay and response are the key elements of physical protection System where as detection without response has no value. Thus desired response is generated as generated as following:
I.Static guards serve as first responders, responsible for relaying information and impeding adversaries adversaries until backup arrives.
II.Site-specific mobile response teams are strategically placed to enhance emergency response efforts. response efforts.
III. Control-based response forces, equipped with qualified drivers and security personnel, are ready to neutralize threats efficiently.

IV. Clients can request panic alarms, allowing them to alert authorities in case of safety or security security concerns, following established protocols.


• QRFactivation during emergencies for prompt response and client support.

• MobileResponse Teams maintain 24/7 communication with Control Room.

• QRFconductsinitial site investigation and secures the area.

• Control Room facilitates communication with local authorities and ensures smooth handover.

• Control Room plays a critical role in maintaining constant communication and dispatching QRF in emergencies, equipped with necessary resources and adherence to rules of engagement.

Crises Management & Weapons

Crises Management Centre (24/7) (Control Room):
• The fully equipped Crisis Management Center, also known as the Control Room, operates 24/7/365.
• It serves as the primary hub for the exchange of information and coordinates responses to various situations.

• The Control Room facilitates the timely transmission of information to local authorities such as the Police, Rangers, Rescue 1122, and the fire brigade.
• It plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless transition of responsibilities to the responding forces upon their arrival.
• The Control Room operates around the clock to efficiently manage crises and emergencies.

Weapons and ammunition:
• Yaldram possesses valid licenses for purchasing and maintaining a variety of modern weapons, including prohibited bore firearms such as AK-47s and 8mm rifles.
• Stringent measures, including the issuance of NOCs and adherence to drafted SOPs, are in place to ensure compliance with local and international standards, as well as human rights regulations.
• Yaldram prioritizes the timely renewal of all licenses and NOCs to maintain the legality of its weapons arsenal, strictly adhering to scheduled time frames.

Close Protection Squad

Close Protection – Yaldram Executive Protection and VIP Security Unit

Sheep Dogs:

Escort Services to Foreign Delegations
Close protection Services (Ex-Special Forces);

• Yaldram's "Sheep Dogs" unit consists of former Special Services Group (Commandos) personnel, highly trained in close protection and anti-terrorism techniques, with a track record of safeguarding both local and foreign dignitaries.

• Our team excels in physical fitness, counter-terrorism tactics, unarmed combat, and covert surveillance, ensuring top-notch executive protection and VIP security services.

Fleet of Armored Soft Skin Vehicles

Yaldram Armored Conversion Workshop:
Bullet Proofing

AV Services:
YSS is maintaining a pool of armored and soft skin vehicles available for rental purposes in accordance with government laws.​

Yaldram Training School

Yaldram Training School Course Portfolio:
The School offers Courses for Guard Force, Supervisors, Mid-Career Security Professionals and Senior Executives of Corporate Clients. The school has the capacity to organize following training courses.
Physical protection Courses:
• Guard Force Induction Module
• Guard Force Intermediate Module
• Guard Force Advanced Module
• Technical Training Module
• Safety Training Module
• Specialized Module

Yaldram Arms and Ammunition

Yaldram Security Services (Private) Limited has variety of weapons including prohibited and non prohibited bores. Following are the caliber weapons which are provided to our worthy clients on their demand:-
Ser Type Caliber Make
a. NPB 12 bore Shot Gun Foreign/Local
b. NPB 30 Bore Pistol Foreign/Local
c. NPB 9 mm Pistol Foreign/Local
d. Prohibited Bore 7.62 (SMG) Foreign/Local
e. Prohibited Bore 222 (Kalakov) Foreign/Local
f. Prohibited Bore 8 mm
(Semi Automatic) Foreign/Local

Yaldram Consultancy

YSS provides consultancy on various security related issues. Our highly skilled team conducts security audits of already deployed security systems to identify weaknesses and gaps existing and help rectify the same. We also help establish new security system as per the requirements and desires of the clients through security survey and analysis report including risk assessment and mitigation

Yaldram Vehicle Destruction

Yaldram Vehicle Destruction Service for disposing of end-of-life vehicles responsibly and efficiently. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly practices, we ensure the safe dismantling and recycling of all components, adhering to strict industry standards. From cars to trucks, our expert team handles the entire process with professionalism and care, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners while contributing to sustainable waste management practices. Whether it’s salvaging valuable materials or properly disposing of hazardous substances, our comprehensive services prioritize safety, compliance, and environmental stewardship. Trust us for hassle-free vehicle destruction services that prioritize safety, sustainability, and responsible disposal

Yaldram Heat Trainings

HEAT training course curriculum constitutes a fundamental working tool for the EU and other relevant international organisations. This will facilitate a clear overview of the level of knowledge and skills gained by
those having attended a certified HEAT course.

Security Analysis Wing (SAW)

• Security Analysis Wing (SAW) serves as the strategic think tank for Yaldram Group of Companies, with a primary
focus on Yaldram Security Services (Pvt) Ltd.
• SAW conducts comprehensive security risk assessments, political situation analyses, and develops tailored
strategies for policy interventions, providing regular reports to both national and international clients.
Sources of information:
• SAW has a nationwide presence in Pakistan, collecting and analyzing data from diverse sources such as
government agencies, law enforcement, the general public, and expert communities.
• Our organization utilizes both desk and open-source research to provide comprehensive reports and
information to clients.
Key Responsibilities of SAW:
Risk Assessment and Management Consultancy:
Produce daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual
security and political situation reports:
• Yaldram offers customized risk assessments to its clients, addressing security and political factors.
• Our comprehensive security services require us to constantly monitor and analyze the ever-changing security
and political landscape affecting our diverse clientele.
Development of SOPs:
1. Yaldram Security Services specializes in designing SOPs for Access Control,
Panic Alarms, and Incident Command systems, as well as creating warning
codes for buildings.
2. Our team of analysts ensures data consistency, integrity, and reliability,
producing superlative reports with infographics on security and political
situations, along with offering Security Risk Assessments and
Management Consultancy services to national and international clients.
• Proficient in research, data collection, and analysis for both quantitative
and qualitative data.
• Expertise in designing and implementing Physical Protection Systems.
• Security Consultancy Services and threat assessments for High Security
• Customized reports with descriptive analysis and graphics, as well as issue
briefs tailored to client’s needs.

Designing And Implementation of PPS Technical Wing

Designing and implementation of Physical Protection System:
• Analysis of predesigned Physical Protection System
• Security Consultancy Services and threat assessment for High Security Environments.
• Reports include descriptive analysis and graphic representations for quick reference
and understanding
• Issue briefs on particular topics as per client’s requirements.
Technical Wing:
It is capable of designing physical protection system and installation of various alarm
and security gadgetries. Access Control of Parking Lots.
• Installation of modern electro-mechanical security gadgetry, including biometric
• Designand installation of electronic security and surveillance systems.
• Implementation of communication systems and panic alarm buttons.
• Setupof fully equipped central alarm station, panic room, and control room.
• Provision of bulletproof jackets and various fire safety appliances, such as fire
alarms, sprinkler systems, and emergency lights.c

Armored Vehicles Tracking System

Yaldram Trackers:
• Yaldram offers a 24/7 vehicle tracking system equipped with Bluetooth
connectivity, high-quality GNSS and GSM antennas, and an integrated
backup battery for various client needs.
• This cost-effective indoor tracking solution, with versatile input/output
options, is gaining popularity due to its compatibility with process
monitoring and automation features.
• Under Yaldram Tackers Yaldram Security Services Pvt Ltd provides 24/7
vehicle tracking services.

Tour Operator Services

Tour Operator Services:
• Yaldram Security Services in Pakistan offers top-notch Tour
Operator Services for travelers seeking a safe and memorable
• They specialize in organizing guided tours across Pakistan’s
diverse landscapes, including historical sites, natural wonders, and
cultural destinations.
• With a team of experienced guides and a strong emphasis on
safety protocols, Yaldram ensures travelers can explore Pakistan
with peace of mind.
• Their custom-tailored tours cater to a wide range of interests,
from adventure enthusiasts to history buffs, providing a
personalized and enriching travel experience.
• Yaldram Security Services’ commitment to excellence and
customer satisfaction makes them a trusted choice for those
looking to discover the beauty and heritage of Pakistan.
Specialist Services:
• Comprehensive Security Consultancy Services for High Security
• Mobile Armed Escort Services for VIPs, Executives, and Private
• Expertly Trained Armed Bodyguards for Personal Protection.
• Security Solutions for Diplomats, Foreign Missions, and
• Procurement, Installation, and Maintenance of Cutting-Edge
Security Equipment, including CCTV, Satellite GSM Tracking, Fire
Alarm Systems, and more.;x

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