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Col Naveed Ahmed Khan

Colonel Naveed Ahmed Khan is a distinguished retired officer of the Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group, renowned for his extensive background in security and intelligence operations, as well as his profound expertise in corporate management. His illustrious career spans a multitude of roles, where he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic acumen.

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Managing Director

Mrs. Ambreen Naveed

Mrs. Ambreen Naveed is a distinguished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the esteemed University of Peshawar. Her role at Yaldram Security Services encompasses the strategic oversight of administrative, human resources, and financial operations. With a keen eye for detail and a proven track record of leadership, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization. Mrs. Naveed’s
dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing resource allocation has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. Her multifaceted skills and commitment to excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Yaldram Security Services team.

Meet Our Team

The Yaldram team's strong teamwork and dedication make them a tight-knit group that works like a well-oiled machine. They genuinely enjoy each other's company and support one another, creating a warm and welcoming workplace where everyone feels valued and encouraged to do their best. This sense of togetherness not only boosts their productivity but also leads to a more enjoyable and fulfilling work experience for everyone involved.

Administration & Human Resource

Lt. Col (Retd) Mazhar Altaf Raja

Lt. Col (Retd) Mazhar has more than 26 years of service in Pakistan Army in Special Services Group. He is playing advisory role in HR & Admin. He maintains liaison with the government for various permissions required by Yaldram incl. weapons and NOCs to operate etc. He also maintains liaison with the clients.

Abdul Manan Malik:

Mr. Abdul Manan, Manager HR & Admin: has over 07 years of experience in semi government and private organizations. He assists the Administration and Human Resource team in Admin, HR management, internal controls, and compliance.

Operational and Technical Department

Security Management, Research, & Development

Mr. Shahid Rehman

Mr. Shahid Rehman, a versatile asset at Yaldram, holds degrees in Computer Science and Commerce from Peshawar University. He oversees daily operations with expertise in hardware, software, networking, and security equipment installation. With extensive experience, he manages security-related computerized systems and collaborates with Mr. Zeeshan Afzal and the team. In his role, Mr. Shahid Ur Rehman handles manpower, duty rosters, weapon management, and training, ensuring efficient operational


Lt. Col (Retd) Mazhar Altaf Raja

Lt. Col (Retd) Mazhar Altaf Raja Ti(M) has more than 26 years of service in Pakistan Army in Special Services Group. He has vast experience of designing Physical Protection System, Physical Security, management of Response Team, VIP protection, escorting and training of all these modules. The officer has done number of security related courses from UK and USA.


Manager Finance

Mr. Aamir Shabbir

He is ACCA Qualified, with over 5 years of relevant experience, making him a seasoned professional in the field. His expertise and dedication have consistently translated into tangible

Assistant Finance Manager / Internal Auditor

Mr. Sardar Taimoor Khalid

He has done MBA Finance having more than 6-year experience in relevant field.

Assistant Manager Finance:

Mr. Malik Sarmad,

He has done B.Com and possesses adequate knowledge of finance & commerce

Accounts Assistance


Accounts Assistance

Lahore coordinator

Amir Khattak

Lahore coordinator

Security Managment DEPARTMENT

Security Management, Research, & Development

Lt Col Nasir Hafeez

Served for 25 years in Pakistan Army with vast experience in intelligence in different areas of Pakistan incl. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan


Major Umar Farooq

25 Years Regular Army service with expertise in Executive Protection, Close Combat, and Escort

Regional Management Team

Sajid Hussain

Chitral Sub Office

Ph: 0345 637742

Athar Abbas

Gilgit Baltistan

Ph: 0355 5303035

Capt. (Rtd) Sajjid Hussain


Ph: 0311 5999176

Mr. Zia Abbas

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Ph: 0333 5993899

Capt. Hasham (Rtd)


Ph: 0333 8006116

Col Javed Iqbal (Retired)


Ph: 0311 5999177

Procurment department

Mr Sarmad Malik

Mr Hameed ur Rehman

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